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Is there a way to improve the Villanova Basketball system?

Apparently if you like to go YOLO from 3, you belong at Villanova.

Happy Thursday, 'Nova Nation! Not much in the way of news for me, but the first article from the NCAA is kind of intriguing. I think the concept of the best system for a player is kind of easy though, so instead I pose to you, "Is there a best system?" And since most of you will likely respond "Villanova" let's instead think about how you would improve it.

Hard to do, and kind of stupid, since you know National Championship and all. But it's August, I'm bored, and I'm interested to see if anyone has any hot takes.

And now, the "news."

Which system do you belong in? |
College basketball is full of unique systems and styles of play.

College Basketball Players Who Haven't Scratched the Surface of Their Talent | Bleacher Report
Jalen Brunson should have a breakout season for the Wildcats.

What if USA Basketball’s Olympic team was all college kids? | NBC Sports
Is this roster good enough to medal in Rio? Josh Hart would be a lock.

New Sevens coach looking to 'sell' defense to his players | WDEL 101.7FM
New Delaware 87ers Head Coach Eugene Burroughs says his father thought he would be one of two things: A salesman, or a basketball coach. He's done both, and honed his coaching skills on Jay Wright's coaching staff at Hofstra.

J. Leon Washington to leave Lehigh for position at Villanova | The Brown and White
Vice Provost of Admissions and Financial Aid J. Leon Washington will leave Lehigh after nine years to accept a position at Villanova University.

Talk of playing James Conner on defense and special teams emerges at Pitt training camp | Cardiac Hill
James Conner as a receiver, defensive end, and kick returner? It could happen, and an FCS matchup against Villanova would seem like the spot to test it out.

Premier League 2016 Season Preview | SB Nation
Get ready for the 2016-17 Premier League season with our comprehensive, team-by-team guide. COME ON YOUR SPURS!

10 of the Strangest Events at the 2016 Olympics, and How to Watch Them
The Olympics have always been home to the most popular athletic events in the world, but there are usually a few head-scratchers too. Maybe you have no idea how a certain sport works, or maybe you can’t figure out why it’s in the Olympics in the first place. Whatever the case, here are some of the weirder events in the 2016 summer games, how they work, and when to try and watch them.

John Saunders has died at the age of 61 | ESPN
John Saunders, one of the familiar on-air faces of ESPN for nearly 30 years, has died. He was 61.