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The Villanova Band owned the North Carolina Band on Twitter

Gluttons for punishment, those Tar Heels.

Happy Tuesday! Major shoutout to the UNC Band for teeing the Villanova Band up for some aggravated Twitter assault yesterday. Not only are you real late to the Running Man Challenge, but you ask Villanova for a response? How did you think that was going to go?

They may not ever show up at a football game again, but at least they can handle their business on Twitter.

And now, the "news."

Report indicates mutual interest between UConn and Big East | Rumble In The Garden
Connecticut joining would reap huge benefits for the Big East.

Overseas trips can help college basketball teams for the coming season | ESPN
It's not a vacation: Teams get to go abroad once every four years, so they better get something out of it. What did each traveling squad learn this summer? We go through the list.

Is AAU culture ruining basketball? Suns coach Earl Watson would argue the opposite | Bright Side Of The Sun
While many big-named coaches and players lament how the AAU mentality is impeding today’s athletes, Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson offers a strong counter argument.

Elite prospects playing the waiting game in recruiting process | ESPN ($)
Villanova fading with Trevon Duval? It would make sense.

6 of the best microwave scorers in the nation |
Instant offense can change the outcome of any college basketball game. These are six of the top microwave scorers in college basketball.

Temple football pair avoid trial on 2015 assault charges |
Temple seniors Haason Reddick and Dion Dawkins, who had faced felony aggravated assault and conspiracy charges and related misdemeanor charges in connection with an off-campus fight, have avoided a trial and agreed to be placed in a diversionary program, Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD).

Olympics over, USA Basketball exec joins Nets in scouting job | NetsDaily
Harrison Barnes spilled the beans in a tweet. B.J. Johnson, who played for Villanova and is the assistant director of Team USA, is joining the Nets, apparently as a scout.

Aqua America experts go abroad in new Villanova partnership | Philadelphia Business Journal
The Bryn Mawr-based water utility company is helping cultivate the next batch of water professionals or potential Aqua employees — all while increasing water access for about 70 Nicaraguan families.

Kacie McDonnell hired by NESN | The Kansas City Star
Former KSHB reporter and Sporting Kansas City broadcaster Kacie McDonnell was hired by the New England Sports Network.

The best 2016 college football preview magazine is here online for free | SB Nation
SB Nation's 2016 College Football Preview Magazine. Power rankings, huge team previews, original stories, and lots of fun stuff!