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Jay Wright and Kyle Lowry take over Adrian Wojnarowski's Podcast

"Yo, where's my scholarship?"

Elsa/Getty Images

Former VU Hoopster, Toronto Raptor, and Olympic Gold Medalist Kyle Lowry and Villanova head coach Jay Wright took over for Adrian Wojnarowski on this week's edition of The Vertical Podcast.

From Jay's office on campus, they talk about...

    Must Reads

  • Stories from Kyle’s recruiting period.
  • Kyle skipping his first day of orientation at 'Nova to play in a pick-up game where he tore an ACL.
  • A walk-in surprise visit by Ryan Arcidiacono.
  • Lowry's problems with authority.
  • Kyle's skipping rehab during his recovery from that ACL surgery.
  • Lowry's preparation for returning to the court waaaay faster than expected.
  • How Lowry is still connected to the team and provides an example.

  • Funny anecdotes from Summer Jam 2015 with the current team and all the alumns like Kerry Kittles, Chris Ford, and Randy Foye. And how those pick-up games set the tone for the 2015-16 season.

  • How Villanova becomes "home" for every Wildcat.

  • The absence of Curtis Sumpter, due to his ACL tear, created "Small Ball" and the 4 Guard out of necessity. That required an amplified effort on defense.

  • Lowry & Jay had a single conversation around the NBA, but Kyle kept focus on Villanova.

  • Kyle's workout schedule with Jameer Nelson and the team during the summer before his sophomore season.

  • Lowry is still working on his degree from Villanova.

  • Jay's support about the individual players.

  • Preparation for the NBA Draft and how the selection played out.

  • Kyle skipping a shoot-around with the Raptors to go to Houston to watch Villanova in the Final Four.

  • Jay gave Kyle the tip that he could be selected for the Olympic team as Jay did the background check for Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski's selection.

If you can find 53 minutes, definitely check it out.