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Jay Wright to title book “Attitude”

Coach is working with someone who was a writer at Esquire and an editor at GQ.

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Obama Welcomes NCAA Champion Villanova Basketball Team To White House Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

If you follow Jay Wright on Twitter, the head coach of the reigning national champion Villanova Wildcats posted some images from a photo shoot at the Davis Center.

The inclusion of an @mention to the Random House twitter account led some to believe that this was for his new book that had the working title The Wright Way: Stay Hungry, Stay Humble, and Succeed at Every Level.

Later on in the day, Wright dropped the note on twitter that Brendan Vaughn was the book’s editor. Vaughn has experience writing for GQ and Esquire... so, yeah, that seems like a perfect fit for a man who has a #SuitWatch column chronicling what he wears.

Additionally, the tweet let us know that his new book has been titled.

Attitude, there you go. Head to Amazon and preorder the book now.

That sounds familiar...