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Darrun Hilliard is healthy and ready to make an impact for the Detroit Pistons

Darrun back.

TGIF, 'Nova Nation! Sorry for my absence yesterday, my laptop wasn't behaving. For all you Darrun Hilliard fans, there's a really great feature on him below which goes through an injury-riddled summer. Good news though - he's healthy now and ready to rock.

Big weekend ahead with Justin Smith on campus for his official visit. I was skeptical it would happen with Jermaine Samuels already committed, but it looks like 'Nova wants to add Smith as well. Fingers crossed.

And now, the "news."

Hilliard puts adversity to good use, comes to camp ready to challenge for Pistons role | Detroit Pistons
Darrun Hilliard’s every instinct told him to work harder this summer than he’d ever worked before. Halfway through it, his body told him something else. He’ll listen to it a little more readily next time.

The five best conference games in each of the major conferences this season |
There's a boatload of beautiful basketball games now set in stone come conference play

This Week In CAA Football - Week 3 Preview | CAA Sports
The Saturday schedule is highlighted by a pair of televised conference matchups. No. 2 Richmond travels to Stony Brook at Noon on the American Sports Network, followed by No. 18 Villanova hosting Towson at 3:30 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet.

Towson riding high heading to Villanova |
After two games, a 1-1 record, and an 18 point comeback win, you'd think Towson head coach Rob Ambrose knows what he has in his team this year.  Nope.

Villanova’s Jay Wright to speak at clinic to benefit Paterson girls hoops league | Varsity Aces
The clinic is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. at Montclair Immaculate, located at 33 Cottage Place in Montclair.

Kentucky Wildcats unveil new, checkerboard-heavy uniforms | ESPN
The Wildcats have gone all-in on the checkerboard pattern with this season's basketball look, and fans don't seem to like it.

Katie Ledecky had to decline a waffle maker from Ellen DeGeneres because NCAA |
It’s a shame, because she hit a dang bulls-eye in this game.