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Villanova Football Depth Chart vs. Towson

One key change from a week ago.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that the depth chart hasn't changed a whole lot through three weeks this season is a great sign of the Villanova Wildcats' ability to avoid the injury bug early this season. Last week, the changes mostly reflected the depth chart that the Wildcats actually played with at Pittsburgh, and this week, just one slot has turned over.

That's good news, especially because the change is a player who is returning after an absence, rather than a regular player being dropped due to injury. After being missing -- notably, we might add -- in the first two weeks, cornerback Jason Ceneus has popped back into the picture, displacing freshman Korey Stevens at one of the cornerback spots. Ceneus will be backing up Malik Reaves this week.

Everything else is exactly the same as it was last weekend.