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College Basketball Is Fun Again, Thanks NCAA!

While the NCAA hasn't quite made the game great for the players, it did get a few things right for the fans.

Good Morning Nova Nation!  Chris is under the thumb of his corporate masters, so I'm picking up the slack this morning.  Some good stuff out there today about Jenkins, the Big East being awesome, and several "catch you up" pieces.  But I enjoyed the Yahoo piece on one of the few things the NCAA has gotten right over the past several years when they made some much needed rule changes.  Key word is "few".  What has the NCAA gotten wrong?  FREE OMARI!!!

How NCAA rule changes have made college basketball as 'watchable' as ever | Yahoo Sports
Players like De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball make college basketball exciting, but a set of 2015 amendments have had a broader effect. The 2012-13 college basketball season was "ugly." And those aren’t my words.

Big East a beast again in smaller package |
It was the perfect ending for the old Big East. Four years ago, when the conference still had 15 teams, including basketball blue bloods Louisville, Syracuse, and UConn, eight teams went to the NCAA tournament, and Rick Pitino's Louisville squad emerged as the national champion.

Big Smoove in a groove for Villanova | The Trentonian
Kris Jenkins was in one of those funks shooters get in from time to time, yet you would have never known it.

College basketball season so far has been Duke, Duke and more Duke | ESPN
First rule: Don't let Duke out of your sight. Something will happen. The Blue Devils aren't the only story. There's UCLA's return, Villanova's repeat hope and Gonzaga's perfect run. Let's reset.

The Bilastrator does not believe in parity | ESPN ($)
The Bilastrator does not like the word "parity." It's for amateurs. He's more focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the best 68, including what Villanova does well and what plagues Indiana. Villanova comes in at #1.

Villanova School of Business Online Programs Ranked #4 by U.S. News & World Report | Villanova Media
VSB was recognized among the top schools in the nation on the U.S. News & World Report’s annual Best Online Graduate Business Programs ranking, earning the #4 rank. In addition to achieving #4 overall, VSB was also ranked #3 for Student Services and Technology, and #4 for Student Engagement.