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Donte DiVincenzo is looking like the next Villanova Basketball star

If you were worried about the future maybe don't be.

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Happy Tuesday, 'Nova Nation! What a thorough ass-kicking that was last night! Really enjoyed it!

Pretty sweet article on Donte DiVincenzo below, which shows you just how much Coach Wright is backing his young guard to be the next big thing at Villanova. He's had a pretty nice three-game stretch here in the last week, so hopefully the light is permanently turned on for him.

Not sure how he does it, but Jay and staff just keeping identifying and developing talent at an absurd clip.

And now, the "news."

Villanova's Donte DiVincenzo the next Josh Hart? Jay Wright believes so | CSN Philly
Can redshirt freshman Donte DiVincentzo be the next Josh Hart? With another strong Big East game Saturday, Jay Wright believes so.

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Our SB Nation brethren were kind enough to share some insight on the Huskies’ new defensive coordinator.

Villanova Women's, Men's Lacrosse Kicking Off Season With NYC Party |
The event will be held Jan. 26 at the New York Athletic Club.

Cape May Brewery Creates Exclusive Beer for Villanova’s 175th  Anniv. | CBS Philly
The Cape May Brewing Company will soon be pouring their exclusive brew, "Demisemiseptcentennial Ale" to commemorate Villanova University’s 175th anniversary.

George Raveling remembers the 'majesty' of MLK | NY Daily News
Raveling explains how he worked security on that famous day in August 1963, and how he came to possess the hard copy of Dr. King's speech.

Sideline show: College basketball's most animated coaches |
Villanova's Jay Wright is known for keeping his cool on the court, despite an outburst earlier this season. These other guys... not so much.