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The Jon Rothstein almanac that you've been waiting for

This is the read of all reads.

Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Happy Monday, 'Nova Nation! MikeJ. did that thing again where he steals all the good links on a Sunday and leaves me with the scraps!

But it's okay, because some God among men went and catalogued every repeated phrase from the robot Jon Rothstein. Enjoy and have a few laughs to ring in the new year.

(I'm pretty sure the author went insane going through Rothstein's Twitter, so pour one out for him)

And now, the "news."

The Jon Rothstein Almanac: 2016-17 | Forget The Protocol
So much James Bell in Reggie Redding? Death, Taxes, Bo Ryan? This is the complete list.

Duke, North Carolina, Virginia all get upset to start ACC play |
We all know Alabama is going to win the playoff anyway. Let’s keep up with college basketball instead, where a busy Saturday claimed multiple top teams.

Butler's men's basketball team is OK after a terrifying airplane experience |
"It started to get really cold and the plane went completely dark."

Eric Ayala talks recruiting | MADE Hoops
Ayala sounds like he's staying in 2018, and mentions Villanova as one of the schools constantly in touch with him.

Dan D’Antoni shut down a reporter with the best ‘damn analytics story’ you'll hear |
The Marshall coach broke down basketball analytics as well as anyone can.