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North Carolina’s infraction report comes out today; Kansas implicated in FBI investigation

Poor lil’ fellas.


TGIF, ‘Nova Nation! And what a day it is, if you’re not a North Carolina Tar Heels or Kansas Jayhawks fan!

The long awaited (and overdue) report on North Carolina’s potential infractions is coming out today. On the same day as Late Night with Roy, which is just too good to make up.

On the Kansas end of things, the school is still denying contact from the FBI. But the FBI says they have a report specifically on Kansas, though they won’t release it yet.

Get that popcorn ready.

And now, the “news.”

UNC's NCAA report coming out Friday: What to expect and what's next | News & Observer
The report will bring a formal ending – at least for now, pending whether UNC decides to appeal the ruling – to an investigation that began in June 2014.

FBI still hasn’t contacted Kansas in Adidas scandal | The Kansas City Star
Kansas Athletics responded to a University Daily Kansan story Wednesday night, saying nothing has changed with the department as it relates to an FBI investigation of college basketball.

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