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Thursday Links!

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Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Happy Thursday, ‘Nova Nation! This week has brought a fresh crop of hot takes regarding the ongoing investigation into the corruption surrounding recruiting in college athletics. So, let’s take a break from bemoaning our own recruiting woes and take pleasure in the misery of others.

And now, the links:

Bossi's Best: Top 10 candidates for 2017-2018 All-American team | Rivals
Jalen Brunson looks primed for a monster junior season - but what about life after him on the Main Line?

FBI Charges Show That Recruiting Scandal goes Beyond a “Few Bad Apples”

Has the FBI’s investigation gotten the attention of presidents of the colleges and universities that play big-time sports? Are the new allegations making them look more closely at their own programs?

Coach K Weighs in on the NCAA Scandal

Responding to questions about the scandal that rocked college basketball and cost Rick Pitino his job at Louisville, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski took aim at a business model he feels lacks necessary leadership and is not equipped to handle the recruiting landscape.

Nassir Little Commits to North Carolina

Nassir Little, a top-10, five-star small forward prospect from Orlando, verbally committed to North Carolina on Wednesday. Little was suspected to have been linked to the alleged recruiting violations being committed by Louisville and Miami.

Waiting for a next College Basketball Video Game? This Can Hold You Over

A YouTube user who goes by the handle SkillazKill has created a patch for NBA 2K18, which makes it possible to play the game as a 30-team college basketball league, complete with current college players, uniforms and arenas.