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Chum Bucket: Hypos for the Thinking Fan

Since we are all chums that love buckets...

Sometimes when I am on my way to work, I start thinking about random hypothetical scenarios to keep myself from walking into traffic until the season starts.

To get us all to the finish line of the offseason, I thought I would share some recent ones I have been pondering and get the board involved.

Hypo #1

If you could add one Villanova former player from the last 25 years (who does not have/did not have an NBA career*) to this year's squad, who would it be?

* Cup of coffee doesn't count, think one or more seasons on an NBA roster. I'm hoping this helps diversify the responses

Hypo #2

If you could take one current Big East player (not named Delgado or Bluiett) and add them to Villanova's roster, who would you add?

Hypo #3

If you could lift up one college basketball venue and drop it on Villanova's campus, which one would you choose?*

* “Drop” as in it will now be our arena, not as a tool to just crush the existing Pavilion

Hypo #4

If you could institute one rule change to the game of college basketball, what would it be?

Survey Question

Best non-Villanova college basketball game you've ever seen (does not have to be in person)?

Survey Question

Best non-Villanova sporting event you've seen in person?