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State of the Nova Nation: Mikal Bridges Takes Flight, V for Victory, Big 5 Previews, and More!

Somewhere, someplace, there are basketball players terrified of the sound of Bridges’ footsteps.

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State of the Nova Nation Podcast VU Hoops

Almost 48 hours later, and I’m still shaking from that Mikal Bridges dunk-and-block sequence. I guess every big time play has a nickname—see: The Shot—what would you call that?

We will be releasing a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday. As always, you can ask questions that you would want to see discussed on the show by adding them in the comments section or tweeting us.

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Episode Description: Catherine Ryan joins the show to discuss the Villanova Wildcats' big win vs. the Gonzaga Bulldogs at Madison Square Garden. Mikal Bridges rises to the occasion (literally and figuratively) with a career performance. Women's basketball remains undefeated after Adrianna Hahn and Bridget Herlihy almost singlehandedly bury Fairfield on the road. Both teams are still rolling entering the weekend and will each play a Big 5 opponent, we preview those games.