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Jay Wright Suit Watch: DePaul

Wright takes on Chicago and look goooooood.

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at DePaul Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova gets to play in The Big Apple multiple times a year and the hype for those games is legit. What many fans forget is the annual trip to the Windy City when the ‘Cats play DePaul. Jay Wright did not forget about this when his #2 Villanova squad traveled to the Second City.

Wright commanded the sidelines of the AllState Arena in Rosemont in one of his best looks of the season. As ‘Nova easily handled DePaul, Wright went back to sartorial basics in an exquisite way. With a fresh haircut, Villanova’s head coach wore a perfectly fitted navy blue suit. Underneath he sported a light blue shirt and a blue-based paisley tie. A light blue gingham pocket square was the perfect accessory to complete the look.

Tie, Suit, Shirt, Pocket Square Detail

Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

#SuitWatch Rating

4.5/5 Esquires: Simplicity Perfected; Was this Jay’s best look of the season?