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Villanova Football has filled out their coaching staff

Mark Ferrante has replaced his departed coaches

Happy Thursday, ‘Nova Nation! Another late night, and not of the fun sort, so I’ll just keep this quick today. Mark Ferrante quietly filled out his staff after some high-profile departures by hiring new faces and moving some existing around within the staff.

I’m planning to dig into the backgrounds of these guys a bit more early next week once my life settles down, but check out the new guys for yourselves in the meantime.

  • Brian Jones (Running Backs)
  • Ross Pennypacker (Defensive Line)
  • Sean Devine (Offensive Line)
  • Brian Tracz (Strength & Conditioning)

And now, the "news."

Football Team Announces Several Additions to Coaching Staff |
First-year head coach Mark Ferrante announced several additions to the football staff for the 2017 season on Wednesday afternoon. In filling a number of vacancies on the coaching staff, Ferrante noted the exceptional quality of the candidates that the Villanova program is able to attract. Joining the staff are Brian Jones as running backs coach, Sean Devine as the offensive line coach, Ross Pennypacker as defensive line coach, and Brian Tracz as the strength and conditioning coach.

Pavilion Renovation Officially Approved | The Villanovan
Last week the University’s Board of Trustees officially approved the $60 million renovation to the Pavilion.

At Villanova, seniors are proven winners |
Their 124 (and counting) wins over the four seasons are a number that is almost hard to believe.

Inside Villanova’s national championship game halftime locker room |
In an excerpt from his new book, Attitude, Jay Wright details a pivotal moment in Villanova's 2016 NCAA tournament final against North Carolina.