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Jay Wright Suit Watch: Butler

‘Nova celebrates Jay’s 500 wins and he looks great.

Butler v Villanova Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

The Villanova faithful honored Jay Wright on Wednesday night celebrating his 500th career coaching victory from a few games earlier against #22 Butler.

Ultimate, the Bulldogs got the better of ‘Nova in a 74-66 defeat of the ‘Cats, but Jay Wright may have gotten the last laugh with his exquisite style that he pulled off at the penultimate game at The Pavilion.

Villanova’s head coach wore a two-piece black suit with a simple white shirt and a ombre plaid tie of deep red and black. A red pocket square finished off the look.

#SuitWatch Rating

4.25/5 Esquires: Simplicity Perfected; one of Jay’s best look of the season.