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Jay Wright's Book Promotion Tour Heads To Bristol and ESPN

Jay Wright hit up just about every possible ESPN program he could while promoting his new book "Attitude" on Monday.

Chris had some travel troubles last night, so I'm coming in off the bench to fill in.  You know who didn't have any trouble getting around?  Jay Wright, as he toured every studio on ESPN's campus promoting his new book "Attitude" on Sunday and Monday.  He was on the TV, radio, and even a podcast as he gave some late season insight to where he thinks his team is, how they're preparing for the Big Dance, and a look back at Wright's crazy nights on the town with Charles Barkley.

Elsewhere, Josh Hart is still really good, Kyle Lowry's going to have wrist surgery, Radnor is complaining about a bridge, and future Wildcat Collin Gillespie is already a Champion:

And now, the "news".

Nova's Wright has unique relationship with Barkley | ESPN Video
Villanova coach Jay Wright joins SportsCenter to talk about his impressive seniors, his relationship with Charles Barkley and the future of his team.

Mike & Mike | ESPN
Villanova coach Jay Wright dishes on the benefits of losing before the NCAA tournament, his reaction to winning last season's national title, the state of the Wildcats and the importance of attitude on the Mike & Mike show. Listen in!

Andy Katz & Seth Greenberg Podcast | ESPN
Jay Wright joins Andy Katz & Seth Greenberg on the podcast. The Villanova segment starts at 25:05.

Hart's Eagle Scout honor fulfilled a promise to his father | ESPN Video
Villanova guard Josh Hart and his father Moses tell the story of why Josh went on become to an Eagle Scout.

Villanova's Josh Hart is College Basketball's Most Improved Player | HERO Sports
The senior's overall improvement has made him the nation's best player and Villanova a solid pick to repeat as champions.

The biggest problems for 15 title contenders |
Scouts offer their main problems with teams in the AAC, Big East, Pac-12 SEC, and WCC contenders.

Kyle Lowry to have wrist surgery | CBC
Raptors' Kyle Lowry out indefinitely, aims to return for playoffs. All-star guard to have wrist surgery Tuesday.

2017 conference tournament schedules, brackets: All 32, all in one place | Yahoo
It’s that time of year again. College basketball conference tournaments get underway Monday, Feb. 27, and continue every day throughout the next two weeks. The first champion is crowned this Saturday, March 4, with the final six of the 32 automatic bids to the NCAA tournament handed out on March 12,

Villanova U. plan for crosses on pedestrian bridge sparks controversy | Philadelphia Inquirer
As part of a $285 million expansion project, Villanova University is erecting a pedestrian bridge that will run over Lancaster Avenue- something the township required for safety reasons to allow safe passage from the campus on one side of the road to the other.

Prosecutor says Maurice Watson forced woman to perform sex act on him before he raped her; bail set at $750,000 |
Watson's defense attorneys said Monday that he denied the allegations. This season for Creighton has quickly gone down the tubes...

Louisville sophomore lost $38,000 thanks to halftime contest fine print |
Life is full of highs and lows.