Supernova (Villanova Alumni) TBT 2017 Opening Announcement

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Alright guys, this is my first official FanPost on VUHoops so please listen up. This year I decided to manage the Villanova Alumni Team in the $2 Million dollar winner take all TBT. For those of you who do not know what I am referring to please click here (

Villanova has had some sort of presence in this tournament for past 4+years but we haven't been able to take advantage of talent that has graduated since. My goal for the 2017 TBT is to create one of the best Villanova Wildcats teams from some of the recent graduating classes (2007-2016). The tournaments opening round games will be held at Philadelphia University July 8-9 so please come out and support.

The goal of TBT was to create a fun/competitive summer basketball tournament for fans once the NBA season was over. Teams are created based on background, school and other interests. The past two seasons the team Overseas Elite has won the title. This year Villanova has a legit chance to make a run at the $2 million dollars but we need your help. The Villanova fanbase is a very loyal and dedicated one. Here is a chance to support your team during the slow summer lull of recruiting. See below for some important details about being a fan for the SuperNova team.

  • Fans can log into to vote for their favorite team up to 4 times. (Once before June 1st, 3 times after that)
  • Once a fan logs in they can help spread the word to their friends by using Facebook/Email/Twitter
  • Each person that votes under your reccommendation helps your status by granting you points. Ways to accumlate points:
  • Each time you vote, you get a point
  • Each time you recruit a voter through the links provided on your Account page, you get a point
  • If you enter the Official TBT Bracket Contest you get 20pts.
  • The top supporters of the winning team split 10% of the winnings. THAT'S $200,000!!! just to help out your fellow alumni.

If we receive 2,000 votes by July 8th we are able to add a team member to the team for FREE once we reach the Super 16. (See poll below for potential RINGER additions).


I will be writing pieces about the Supernova team over the next couple of weeks to increase awareness and support. The current roster for the team is below

Scottie Reynolds

Reggie Redding

James Bell

Malcolm Grant

JayVaughn Pinkston

Antonio Pena

Shane Clark

Maurice Sutton

Corey Fisher.

If you guys have any questions please feel free to reach out and follow me on Instagram for more information @J23green.

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