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Villanova Basketball Alum Are Cashing In On Their Championship Signatures

Now that they're out of the shadow cast by the NCAA, the members of the 2016 National Championship Team can make some money off their names.

Happy Tuesday Nova Nation!  Uncle Brendan is sitting in again as Chris enjoys the lack of sleep wonders of a new-born baby.  In today's news, the Junior and Senior classes (minus Ochefu cause, playoffs) will finally be able to see some money from their 2016 national championship at an autograph signing in Wilmington, DE.  Jenkins' signature obviously costs the most after his game winning shot, but surprisingly Josh Hart's All-American season has vaulted him over Final Four Most Outstanding Player Ryan Arcidiacono.

I'm glad to see that these guys can make some money off their basketball experience, especially guys like Pat Farrell or Kevin Rafferty who are likely done with their basketball careers.  I wish that the NCAA would allow stuff like this while the players are still in college.  I'm not even opposed to them having some regulations to ensure the players aren't being taken advantage of, but they shouldn't have to wait until the time they could capitalize the most on their names has already passed.  But, as you'll read in the stories below, the NCAA is still an awful sludge bucket of an organization that seems to have no problem being sticklers for arcane or small issues, but somehow has yet to rule on UNC or Louisville.  I quit.

In other news, Brunson's return is big, Nova Football named its captains, and the NCAA made at least one smart decision this year.  Enjoy!

2015-16 Villanova Wildcats National Championship Team will be signing autographs | Crave the Auto
Head on down to Wilmington, DE on May 7th if you missed out on grabbing an autograph. It's the juniors and seniors from that year's team that have all graduated now... so bring your wallets.

Five biggest winners now that the NBA draft's early-entry deadline has passed | Yahoo!
Villanova is among the five biggest winners that return impact players for next season.

Four Wildcats Named Football Team Captains |
At the conclusion of spring practice on Friday, April 21, Villanova University head football coach Mark Ferrante announced the four senior players who will serve as team captains for the 2017 season.

Moving the start of the college basketball season will not solve all the sport's problems | ESPN
College basketball wants to get away from opening night on a nondescript Friday night in November. Changing to a Tuesday, giving hoops the stage free of football, is smart, but it's only a start.

NCAA denied eligibility for GMU player due to him lying on a dating website about his age | GMU Hoops