VU Hoops reader publishes book inspired by 2016 NCAA Championship

As an avid Wildcats fan since 1971 (my freshman year at Villanova), I am pleased to announce the publication of a book I wrote to honor the 2016 NCAA Basketball Champions and Villanova University–the greatest service university in the world.

Win in Your Life: Follow the Path of Champions; Learn from the Villanova Wildcats shines a light on the values exemplified by the basketball team and its coaches during the championship season. The book illuminates how those values were influenced by the culture of the school and its unique approach to success in sports and in life. In addition, Win in Your Life shows how these same values have been used by successful athletes and leaders throughout history.


Front and Back Covers

Win in Your Life features the "Sweet Sixteen Principles of Champions." Each of sixteen values chapters feature Wildcats team members and/or coaches; highlighting how each used fundamental principles of success in their pursuit of excellence. Win in Your Life also reveals how these same values have been used by others to achieve incredible things and how they can be used to win in our own lives.

More than 100 photos, most in full color, include professional photos from the championship game, plus images of portraits of antiquity and famous world leaders.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Be Positive - Jay Wright

I was inspired to write this book after personally witnessing the championship game in Houston. My enthusiasm from celebrating the victory carried me from the arena to the team hotel to the internet–where I read every story I could find. Of course, most of the media coverage focused on the incredible final 4.7 seconds of the game. Yet, the deeper I dug into the story, the more I realized that "the rest of the story" was even more astounding than the final shot.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Be A Hard Worker - Josh Hart

My research took me all the way back to the 4th century where I reintroduced myself to the teachings of St. Augustine and followed the thread of his philosophy through the life of St. Thomas, the principles of the founders of Villanova University, the creation and traditions of Villanova Basketball, and the coaching philosophy of Jay Wright.

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Be Enthusiastic - The Bench Mob

While I set out to write a book about the championship team, I ended up writing a book about the Villanova Way. In the conclusion, I suggest a way the principles upon which the university and the team's success are based can be used by anyone to improve their own life–and become champions themselves.

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 - The Conclusion - Ben Franklin

There is no doubt that simply using just the first of the "Sixteen Principles of Champions" will have a positive influence on anyone's life.

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