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NCAA Selection Committee prioritizing quality road wins starting next season

Sorry Syracuse, you’ll need to win outside of the state of New York.

Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Happy Monday, ‘Nova Nation! And sorry for the late Arizin drop. The honest truth is I just forgot about it in all the hype around Game of Thrones me cleaning the kitchen as my wife watched Game of Thrones.

The big thing from last weekend was the NCAA coming out and declaring that quality road wins actually do matter now - which, shit, I thought they always did. The more you know!

I guess the hope is that Villanova begins to schedule more aggressively OOC, but I think the recent formula is what we can expect going forward.

And now, the “news.”

NCAA tournament committee to emphasize quality road wins next season | ESPN
The NCAA announced Friday that its men's basketball selection committee will begin putting a greater emphasis on quality road wins, starting next season.

For Ryan Arcidiacono, Challenges Are To Thrive On | Chicago Bulls
Ryan Arcidiacono knows acronyms. He was BMOC at Villanova, captain of the basketball team as a freshman and all four years. He was MOP of the 2016 Final Four thanks to his 16 points in the championship game and his assist to Kris Jenkins for the walk off winning three pointer. Arcidiacono was perhaps the most famous basketball player in the country a little over a year ago. Now, as a Bulls starter the last two games, he’s just another Summer League hopeful trying to figure out a way to get NBA on his pay check.

The Human Mixtape: A Quick One-on-One With Top 5 Junior Scottie Lewis | 247 Sports

Interesting notes in here about the recruiting strategy for Lewis and Antoine - including who they're pitching the duo on playing with.

One-on-One With 2019 Five-Star Armando Bacot | 247 Sports
Bacot talks his about his AAU season and his recruitment - he says he's planning on a visit to Villanova in the future.