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Jalen Carey sets official visits to Miami, UConn, Syracuse and Kansas

Will Villanova get an official visit?

Matt Scott | 247 Sports

According to Rivals analyst Corey Evans, 4-star point guard Jalen Carey has set his first four official visits, and the timeline of his recruitment appears to be really acclerating.

Carey’s visit schedule, according to Evans:

That leaves one more official visit for Carey to take among his other two finalists - Villanova and Rutgers.

Evans (correctly, IMO) surmises that Rutgers may not really be in this race given that they’ve already accepted two guard commitments in recent weeks.

At the risk of making an ass out of myself by assuming, I do believe that Jalen Carey will make a visit to the Main Line before a decision, whether that is unofficial or an official visit. Hoops Mania in late October is Villanova’s big recruiting event, but Carey’s recruitment may be going at a faster pace than that.