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Would you be okay cutting a Villanova Basketball player?

Grant Gelon was cut from Indiana’s team, but remains on scholarship.

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Huuuuuump Daaaaaay! The Grant Gelon-Indiana situation is messy for sure, but NBC’s Rob Dauster is here with a take that is hot-ish, but IMO is also correct.

Archie Miller essentially told Gelon he wasn’t going to be in his plans, and he should look into transferring. Gelon wants to stay, but Miller doesn’t want him on the team. So Gelon is off the team.

To be fair to Gelon, it’s an extremly rare situation and I can understand his frustration. But when a new coach comes in that didn’t recruit you, this can happen - and does happen at other schools as Dauster explains.

It’s hard to ever see this happening at Villanova under Jay Wright - but suppose it did. Are you okay with running players off who Jay Wright doesn’t have in his plans?

And now, the “news.”

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