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ESPN8 “The Ocho” was a good, well-executed idea

Sometimes, ESPN gets it right.

Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Huuuuuuuuuump Daaaaaaaaaay! Not great last night, but onwards we go. If you need a quick pick-me-up other than your morning coffee, check out SB Nation’s recap of ‘The Ocho’ yesterday.

If you missed the news, ESPNU transformed into ESPN8 ‘The Ocho’ for a day and basically showed obscure sports like in the move Dodgeball. And it was pretty awesome.

And now, the “news.”

ESPN8 'The Ocho': Highlights and results from the Aug. 8 special |
Here’s everything you need to know from a wonderful day.

St. Augustine standout pitcher Cole Vanderslice headed to Villanova |
Welcome to the all-name team at Villanova, Cole.

Villanova, Rowan to each scrimmage at Carey Stadium |
College football fans can get a peek at two teams from the region late next week.

Villanova astronomy professor gears up for solar eclipse |
On Monday, Aug. 21 a full solar eclipse — when the moon blocks the view of the sun— will sweep across the United States. Residents in the Philadelphia area will be treated to a 75 percent partial eclipse.