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Big Ten’s Jim Delaney: College athletes are not exploited

Woo baby.

Happy Thursday, ‘Nova Nation! As more and more of us come to realize that we probably do need to be compensating athletes as they help schools generate millions of dollars, here is the all-poweful Jim Delaney to tell you to shut your pie-hole.

Jay Bilas put it best on Twitter -- Delaney’s argument is that student-athletes are not exploited because they are supported. Bilas argues -- correctly, in my opinion -- that the two things are not mutually exclusive.

Anyways, it rings a bit hollow for me that the guy who some thing is the most powerful person in the NCAA and using student-athletes as products to make big-money deals has this opinion.

And now, the “news.”

No, colleges don't exploit their athletes | Chicago Tribune
Student-athletes should not be paid a salary or be allowed to unionize, or so says the Big Ten and Big Sky commissioners.

For Ranney hoops stars Scottie Lewis and Bryan Antoine, charity game |
A heartbreaking encounter on the street inspired a charity event that takes place Saturday. More proof that these are not your typical blue-chippers.

University ready for first-ever day of giving |
Historic and unprecedented. These two adjectives have preceded many of the events and initiatives that the University has commissioned, especially while celebrating its 175th Anniversary. This theme continues with 1842 Day.