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David Duke schedules official visits to Villanova, Florida and Virginia Tech

Villanova won’t get him for Hoops Mania, but they will get the last shot.

adidas, 247 Sports

Rivals’ Corey Evans has the scoop on 4-star point guard David Duke’s official visit schedule. The guard is down to a final four - Indiana is out - and will take trips to three schools in the coming weeks.

Given Providence’s proximity and his familiarity with the program, Duke hasn’t scheduled an official visit there. But he could very well do so in the future.

Villanova won’t get him on campus for Hoops Mania in two weeks - he’ll be at Virginia Tech - but as it stands they do have the last visit on his schedule. That’s typically a good thing.

With Villanova down to their last active scholarship offer, there’s no need to understatement the importance of landing Duke. Villanova will get their shot, and hopefully they can complete a stellar 2018 class - and get one over on their Big East rival - with the Providence native.