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1842 Day

Villanova’s first day of giving kicks off 1,842 minutes of action!

1842 Day

Starting on Tuesday, September 19th, Villanova University will be supporting its first ever day of giving; 1842 Day.

Starting at 12 noon on 9/19 and culminating at 6:42p ET on September 20th, Villanova will be seeking to receive financial gifts, of any size, from 1,842 donors in 1,842 minutes.

1842 Day celebrates the University’s founding by Augustinian priests in 1842. During Villanova’s demisemiseptcentennial, the school’s principles of Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas- truth, unity, and love- “will allow Villanovans to show ourselves and the world the difference we can make in 1,842 minutes”.

The celebration concludes the final year of the For the Greater Great capital campaign and is strategically placed in the 2018 fiscal year to assist in the drive to the 30% undergraduate alumni participation goal.

For iOS users, those who make a donation will receive a Villanova iStickers app for your messages.

So, which VU Hoops readers will step up? At the conclusion of 1842 Day, we’ll be able to track how VU Hoops readers make an impact. So, click and be a part of this community’s impact for the University that we love so much.