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Villanova’s 1842 Day is still going strong

The first day of fundraising was a big success.

Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Huuuuuuuump Daaaaaaay! Bear with me on the call to action here instead of our usual link dump. It is not our main goal here at the site but we do our part when called upon. 1842 Day’s fundraising effort wraps up today, so if you haven’t donated yet please consider doing so.

The reason (for me) why this is such a great campaign is that when the masses donate, the big shots are stepping their game up.

Yesterday, we met two challenges:

  • Once A Wildcat Challenge - John Ermilio pledged $18,420 and Nance Dicciani pledged for hitting 1,000 and 1,842 donors, respectively.
  • The Board of Trustees pledged $1,842,000 once we hit the 1,842 donor goal.

But there are two challenges left to complete today:

  • We need a donor from all 50 states and President of the VUAA will make a donation
  • If we get 842 *new* undergraduate donors, the BOT will make another gift of $842,000

Don’t stop believin’ donating.