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The value of pressing in college basketball

Barstool Sports with a cool look at Villanova in particular.

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Happy Thursday, ‘Nova Nation! Barstool Sports took a look at the different kinds of presses and their value in college basketball. Reags specifically goes into detail on West Press Virginia and Villanova.

It’s a fun read as we ramp up towards college basketball season, enjoy!

And now, the “news.”

Looking at the Value of Pressing in College Basketball and Different Types of Presses | Barstool Sports
One thing that continues to shock me in the college basketball world is the lack of press defense. You have your staples – ones we’ll take a look at and breakdown here – in West Virginia, Louisville, Shaka Smart’s teams and Florida when Billy Donovan was around. But overall teams shy away from pressing.

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What Kemba Walker did is still hard to comprehend.