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Sneak Peek @ Championship Rings

The celebratory gift of the Widcats’ third National Title arrived on Tuesday.

Championship Gear

Celebrate the Wildcats’ Victory in San Antonio with official gear and fan-inspired designs.


That’s the second in three years for the ‘Cats. And it feels so good.

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Jay meets the Pope, seriously.

Villanova’s Championship: What We Loved Most

From Donte in the NBA, to Collin Gillespie and VU Attitude, here’s what we loved most about Villanova’s crowning performance.

State of the Nova Nation: The NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Edition

Kings of college basketball.

2018 National Championship Hub

A Tale Of Two Titles: Villanova’s Incredible Run

Villanova’s second title in three years was incredibly similar and completely different.

Update: A Record Breaking Championship

The Wildcats broke hearts, ankles, and records in San Antonio.

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Villanova became a college basketball blueblood on its own terms by speaking its bond into existence

These are the stories behind the story of Villanova’s second national title in three years.

WATCH: Villanova celebrates the NCAA championship in the 2018 ‘One Shining Moment’ video

That song has never sounded so sweet (except two years ago).

Hey, hey Donte! DiVincenzo torches Michigan to earn MOP honors

The Wolverines got caught in Donte’s Inferno.

Donte DiVincenzo made NCAA Tournament history against Michigan

The Wildcats are national champs because of the Michael Jordan of Delaware doing something that’s never been done.

National Championship Game Chat

Let’s get this W.

National Championship Viewing Guide

The Wildcats and Wolverines meet in the final game of the season.

Officially Blue Blooded: The T-Shirt

Wear it with pride.