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Offense is now king in the Big East

Or maybe, they just have some of the best offenses around.

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Happy Tuesday, ‘Nova Nation! Quite the turn of events in the Big East conference, where offense is now king. After years of a defensive identity and an ugly brand of basketball in the mid-2000s, nobody can stop their opponent from scoring.

And it is not for a lack of defense, either. Read on.

And now, the “news.”

In Big East basketball, it's hard to stop teams from scoring |
The Big East might be the highest-scoring conference in the country, and it's not because no one can play defense.

If you take time to look, college basketball has plenty of stars in its constellation | Sporting News
For some reason we don't think of Jalen Brunson as a sure-fire pro. That's dumb.

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Not your typical 1-seeds!

Rothstein: NCAA To Meet Soon About Immediate Eligibility For Transfers | FanRag
Keep your grades up, do as you please.