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State of the Nova Nation: The Perfect Game, Big 5 Heartbreaker, Gillespie’s Return, and More!

Against Georgetown, there was no mercy.

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State of the Nova Nation Podcast VU Hoops

We will be releasing a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday. As always, you can ask questions that you would want to see discussed on the show by adding them in the comments section or tweeting @SoNNpod.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, or you can listen/download today’s episode straight from Pod-O-Matic.

Episode Description: The Villanova Wildcats shot 60%+ on the floor in Patrick Ewing’s reintroduction to the Villanova-Georgetown rivalry, just as it did the last time he participated in it--as a player back in 1985. The Georgetown Hoyas might have ducked and dropped out of the PK80, but the Wildcats’ dominant performance down in D.C. might have them wishing they could duck the ‘Cats, too. The Villanova women’s basketball team got its heartbroken in the closing seconds of its final Big 5 game of the season. The Wildcats were denied a Big 5 sweep and their first outright title since 2013. Things won’t get easier for them, as they prepare for the two top teams in the conference. Collin Gillespie returned to the court, after missing time with a hand injury, and we discuss the age-old question: ketchup or mustard on a hot dog?