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NY Post: Villanova’s Jay Wright needs to play his walk-ons more to respect the student-athlete

Here’s a new villain for you guys.

Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Happy Monday from Mexico City, ‘Nova Nation! We’re just cruising right along here, and things are good this season in pretty much every direction. What’s a guy to complain about?

Sometimes, the Gods answer. Phil Mushnick slipped an insane tirade into the first story below, where he goes after Jay Wright for...not playing his walk-ons enough? I have no idea what this is about, but apparently Mushnick thinks that Jay Wright should give the real student-athletes more playing time when he’s waxing the competition.

Have fun, guys and gals.

And now the “news.”

Jay Wright stinks in garbage time | New York Post
Scroll down to the last blurb, but Phil Mushnick apparently thinks that Jay Wright is is ruining the glory of college basketball and the student-athlete. Jay Wright! The Villanova head coach! Yes, that Jay Wright.

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Villanova and Purdue continued to dominate while Duke is playing like it did back in November.

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A really nice film breakdown of Josh Hart's rookie season with the Lakers.

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Is Villanova in a class all their own?