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It’s Officially (Kind Of) College Basketball Season For Everyone Else

College Football season is over, so there are about to be a few more eyes on college basketball

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Good morning Nova Nation! Chris is still “working very hard at real business things” in Vegas, so I’m back in the saddle for day two. Please don’t throw things at the sub, I’m doing my best up here! You all need to settle down! How do I reach these kids!?!?

Can you tell I was up way to late watching a sporting event last night? Truthfully, I’m not the biggest college football fan in the world. I think it’s ridiculous that it’s the only major sport that you can’t win your way into the playoffs, you have to be selected. No chance for human error/manipulation there! But that being said, the sport had a pretty great finish last night. Now just start the game an hour earlier.

But the best part about the college football national championship, is that it marks the beginning of the college basketball season for the not so die hard fans. Forget the fact that we’re already half way through the season, I’m just happy you showed up at all. The fact that Villanova is at the top of the polls when the sport gets a fresh set of eyes is just icing on the cake. NFL fans, we’ll see you in February.

And now, the “news”.

Villanova returns to No. 1 in the USA TODAY men's college basketball poll | USA Today
Benefiting from losses among most of the top teams, Villanova returns to the spot it lost when the Wildcats fell to Butler two weeks ago.

Buying or Selling Each Top 10 CBB Team as a National Championship Contender | Bleacher Report
The Week 10 AP Top 25 came out Monday afternoon for men's college basketball, and the Top 10 is littered with teams who have suffered disappointing losses within the past 10 days...

National Championship 2018 final score: Alabama beats Georgia in OT thriller |
Nick Saban vs. Kirby Smart turned into freshman QB vs. freshman QB. Bama’s won. Nick Saban is a six-time national champ.