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State of the Nova Nation: Back at One, The Rebound, and is X Gon’ Give It to Ya?

I guess it wasn’t so hard to reclaim the No. 1 spot?

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State of the Nova Nation Podcast VU Hoops

As pointed out by Brendan Reilly, this is the 15th week in which Villanova has been ranked No. 1 in the last three years—more than any other school out there during this stretch. Now, it’s time to gear up for a fun top-10 battle with Xavier.

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Episode Description: Just in time for the epic showdown between the Villanova Wildcats and the Xavier Musketeers, the Wildcats have reclaimed the top-spot in all of college basketball, the No. 1 ranking. This will be their 15th week there, the most time spent as No. 1 for any school over the last three years. The ‘Cats returned to their winning ways by taking down the Marquette Golden Eagles and will now gear up for a top-10 battle with Xavier. Women’s basketball also returned to its winning ways, beating Xavier to return to .500 in conference play. Now, they head on the road to take on rival Georgetown. It’s the Lady ‘Cats first time out of the polls since the second week of the season. Can they climb back into the club?