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NBA’s G-League to pay One-And-Done Recruits

Future Villanova greats could be offered another option to college.


Happy Friday Nova Nation! It’s a busy day for yours truly, so I’m gonna make this one fast. Bottom line is the NBA is finding a loop-hole around its own rule that created one-and-dones in the first place. While I’m glad this would provide another option for players talented enough to go straight to a paid career in basketball, the NBA should get no credit for creating a half solution to a problem they caused. SO MANY BETTER SOLUTIONS!!!

In other “news”, Re, Croot, Ing. RECRUITING. And more trial stuff. Enjoy!

G League unveils plan to intercept one-and-done players before the NCAA | NBC Sports
Only time will tell just how much of an impact this will have on college basketball.

NCAA Tournament Team Sheets Are a Little Different This Season | HERO Sports
The NCAA's Team Sheets are different this season with NET replacing RPI.

Big East predictions: Biggest games, sleeper team, POY hopefuls for 2018-19 season | Sporting News
Villanova set to dominate the Big East again.

Class of 2020 point guard Jeremy Roach visits Duke, Villanova up next | Zagsblog
Special thanks to sayheycord for finding this one!

2019 PF Jeremiah Robinson-Earl closing in on a decision? |
Villanova still very much in the mix with the 2019 Power Forward.

Hot Board - Five-star prospects make key visits this weekend Duke Blue Devils | ESPN+ ($)
Several elite prospects are moving forward on the recruiting trail, including No. 3 Vernon Carey Jr.

Attorney for Adidas executive says $20K payment only made after request by Kansas Jayhawks coach Bill Self | ESPN
An attorney for Adidas executive James Gatto said Gatto approved a $20K payment to the guardian of Kansas player Silvio De Sousa only after coach Bill Self requested it.