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Extreme Makeover: ‘Nova Nation

It’s time for a fashion show...

As everyone knows, Nike redesigned the uniforms of our beloved Wildcats this year. We saw the design leak in August and the new unis were on full display during the Blue/White scrimmage earlier this month.

Villanova rarely takes risks beyond it’s navy/white palette but has occasionally dabbled in sweat backs, bizarrely tiny wordmarks, and this. Also, whatever these are. As you can see, many of these “risks” have completely missed the mark. However, rumors are abound about Nike creating a third alternate jersey for the program this year.

We asked some of the talented readers over at Uni-Watch to offer their thoughts on what Villanova’s potential re-design could look like.

Matthew Harvey

Designs 1 & 2 : The stripe lines show rhythm for both style of play and as well as the hip-hop music culture in the city of Philadelphia

Design 3: Fun new alternate

Design 4: Fun new alternate

Design 5: The maroon shade to show one of the colors that was used during the 90’s.

John Elbertson

Design 6

David Brady

I wanted to try and utilize the architecture of Villanova, specifically the spires of the church.

Design 7

Design 8

Design 9

Gregg Flowers

Villanova should stick with its classic look but could stand to take some minor risks with its colors and designs.

Design 10

Design 11

Ben Mullins

Deisgn 12

Scott Tibbs

Design 13


Based on the above, I took a shot at some of my own designs, including a garish maroon option that I would buy in a second.

Design 14

Design 15

Design 16

Design 17

Let us know your thoughts and, if you have a design of your own, feel free to throw it into the comments! Perhaps the Nike alternate design will incorporate some of the themes above