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NBA Wildcat Watch (October 25)

Thursday Night Basketball with Josh Hart.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

From Tuesday through Friday, each time a former Wildcat hits the court, we will recap how they did and include a few highlights (if available). On Tuesdays, we’ll also recap what happened over the weekend, so you don’t miss the action. This will also serve as a discussion board. We will try to keep it updated as soon as the games are over, so check back often!

With just one former Wildcat’s team seeing action this Thursday, it was easy to keep track of Josh Hart’s stellar performance against the Denver Nuggets. Hart has continued to increase his minutes on the court and has begun to prove his effectiveness, both as a starter and bench player. Even with all the talk about Lebron James move to LA, Hart continues to remain focused on a team that has gained much spotlight.

Josh Hart

The beginning of the Lakers season was not looking as promising as the young Josh Hart may have hoped. After starting the season off with 3 consecutive losses and, many fans were left wondering, is Hart satisfied with the direction that the team is going? However, after 2 consecutive wins, the Lakers season is starting to fall into place. With 2 back-to-back starts under his belt, Hart is continuing to show the team exactly what he can do.

The beginning of the match against the Denver Nuggets was constantly back and forth in the first-half, resulting in a half-time score of 58-57 Lakers. However, with a strong second-half performance, resulting in a 121-114 victory, the Lakers were beginning to look like the dynamic team everyone hoped they would be. Hart clocked in 32 minutes with 12 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist. Hart is a beginning to define his ability to be a key asset for the Lakers and uses both his skills as as offender and defender during each and every minute. After Thursday nights performance, it can be concluded that Hart is not letting those early 3 losses alter his determination to play at an elite level.

With all the playing time Hart has been getting, he is starting to put pressure on his potential as a consistent starter. Hart remains focused and hopefully can continue to work well alongside seasoned vets like, James and other elite youngsters.

Next Game: Saturday, 10/27 vs. San Antonio Spurs