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State of the Nova Nation Podcast: Basketball is Back, First Impressions, and Stay Tuned (feat. Darryl Reynolds)

College basketball is back, and as promised, we have a special guest!

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State of the Nova Nation Podcast VU Hoops

As promised, we have a special guest! Darryl Reynolds joins the show! First impressions of the team from the Villanova Wildcats’ season opener, and more!

The podcast is available on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and now Spotify! You can also listen/download today’s episode straight from Pod-O-Matic.

Episode Description: Villanova alum Darryl Reynolds joins the podcast to talk about his show, “Stay Tuned w/ D-Rey,” a sneak peek for future episodes, the Villanova Basketball family, his experiences, and his new life chapter: being a part of the Villanova coaching staff. But first—the wait is over! College basketball is back! Brendan Reilly breaks down the season opening Morgan State game, thoughts on the new-look Pavilion, and we play ‘Something or Nothing.’ We also recap the women’s basketball season opener. (Spoiler alert: the Lady ‘Cats won.)