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Checking in on Villanova Basketball’s Class of 2019

Let’s start the day off with some dunks.

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Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Happy Tuesday Nova Nation! I think four is the magic number of days between college basketball games. Day one is for overreacting to everything that happened. Day two is for overreacting to all the overreacting. Day three is the buffer day to cleanse the pallet. And day four is game day all over again.

Well it’s day three of that cycle. As a nice charcuterie (shout out to my fellow MBMBAM fans) to cleanse the past few very spicy days in the comments (loved it!), I thought we’d check in on the Class of 2019. High School basketball is getting geared up this time of year, and our newest boys in blue and white have served up a few fresh dun-dun-dun-dun-dunks!

Aaahhh. If that doesn’t get you pumped and ready to start the day, I don’t know what will.

Ok, maybe one thing.

In other “news”, Jay Wright is staying with the plan, Jalen Brunson is good at basketball, and Ben Simmons found the perfect place to hide from the public: a Drexel game. Enjoy!

Villanova beats La Salle

Jay Wright refuses to bend, even with Villanova’s few veterans struggling | The Athletic
Villanova's newcomers, especially five-star freshman point guard Jahvon Quinerly, have struggled to get on the court, even with the Wildcats having to rally to beat winless La Salle.

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NBA Wildcats

Jalen Brunson: the Mavericks veteran disguised as a rookie | Mavs Moneyball
The Mavericks second round pick has impressed the team in his limited role.

Walton praises Josh Hart, says he makes ‘winning plays' | Fox Sports
"Lately he’s just been out there having fun, playing for the joy of trying to win," Walton said Sunday.

College Basketball

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If Kendall Jenner Is Going To Drexel Basketball Games With Ben Simmons, It Really Is True Love | Jezebel
I was once like you. I thought all celebrity relationships were a sham. Two celebrities “date” to get the news to say their names without having to pay for it. The old pro wrestling adage applies here: If it’s on TV, it’s a work.