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Omari Spellman’s FOX feature should embarass the NCAA

The NCAA gave him a bad name, and now he’s making them look foolish.

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Happy Monday, ‘Nova Nation! ICYMI over the weekend, there was a pretty awesome Omari Spellman feature on FOX’s pregame show before the Butler game. And what it really did was resurface my feelings hatred for the NCAA in this matter.

Spellman is a good student - so good that the Big East put him on the All-Academic team - yet the NCAA (and frankly, the media) continues to sully his name by calling him a partial academic qualifier during last season’s ineligibility dram.

So Spellman now has to work even harder to polish his reputation off the court. Good on ya, O.

And now, the “news.”

Villanova’s Omari Spellman is here to prove himself, on and off the court | FOX Sports
Spellman's escape from the court is poetry. His work away from the court has given him confidence on it. Rob Stone has the story.

Does Trae Young still deserve player of the year if Oklahoma continues to flounder? | Yahoo! Sports
Young still leads the nation in points and assists per game, yet the Sooners have dropped six of eight and may fall out of the AP Top 25 on Monday.

CBS Top 25 (And One): Virginia’s road wins separate them from Villanova |
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