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The latest details on the FBI’s college basketball probe are wild

Consider the source, but this is crazy stuff.


TGIF, ‘Nova Nation! Pretty wild stuff in the Yahoo! report about the FBI’s probe. If you missed this last night, give it a read. Surely worth your time.

(Also, just consider the source. Pete Thamel doesn’t have the greatest history as an investigative journalist. Just sayin’.)

In any case, I’m still trusting Jay Wright at his word. He said when this first came out they interviewed the staff and the players and were confident nothing untoward has happened. Still though - that report claims half of the schools in the NCAA Tournament Top-16 are gonna get hit. So, hold on to your butts.

And now, the “news.”

Hoops corruption case may take down players, coaches, programs | Yahoo! Sports
The soundtrack to the three federal basketball corruption cases is essentially a ticking time bomb, which will inevitably explode.

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The defense - though better against Providence - doesn't look good enough to offset a bad offensive night.