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Donte DiVincenzo could be the key to another National Championship for Villanova

The Big Ragu runs hot and cold, but he’s been scorching hot heading into the home stretch.


TGIF, ‘Nova Nation! The mothership penned a piece on Donte DiVincenzo, and while any press is good press for some, this one misses the mark a bit for me. Nobody doubts The Big Ragu’s scoring prowess and ability to go unconscious, but calling him a ‘bulldog’ who is worried about assignment-defense might be just a bit of a stretch.

But for his faults on defense, Donte can make a serious impact there with his aggressiveness. We saw it on full display against DePaul. And if 2016 taught me anything it is that getting absurdly hot can be both fun and key to cutting down the nets.

I do believe that Danto can be that guy for us.

And now, the “news.”

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