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Villanova Basketball Is Still Better Than Xavier

We didn’t even want that stupid Big East title... unless we win it, then yes we did.

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Good Morning Nova Nation! Chris is out today so it’s Uncle Brendan back again with the daily links. And yes, I was able to find more than one... (shakes head).

In today’s links/yesterday’s news, Gary Parish makes the argument that Villanova should still be ranked and seeded ahead of Xavier. I’m highlighting this because after the slew of negativity that came out of the Seton Hall win (that’s right, a victory), I’m tired of people taking the Debby Downer approach to this team.

Too often do I hear Nova fans try to pick apart all the reasons this team won’t do well in March, or why they may lose a few games. Then they get upset when non-Villanova fans say the same things. Basically, our fan base tries to downplay how good the team is so that if we lose in March they can say “I told you so.”

Well no more! Yes, the team has lost three games in February. But at the begining of the season when we were all making projections, everyone said that the schedule was backloaded. The expectation was that the ‘Cats would lose 3-5 games, with most of those losses coming during the stretch where 4 of our 5 games were on the road. That’s what happened! Why are people acting like it’s shocking or some sort of terrible omen!?!? THIS IS A GREAT TEAM AND WE SHOULD HAVE FAITH THAT THEY’LL PLAY WELL IN MARCH!!!

Ok, rant over. In other news, Villanova is good at basketball, daytime basketball is upon us, Nova keeps producing NFL and NBA talent, and the hand epidemic of 2018 is not limited to current Villanova players. Get well soon Josh!

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