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The Big East’s NBA Draft rule recommendation is not great

I’m sure some of you won’t agree with me.

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Happy Thursday, ‘Nova Nation! The Big East sent in their recommendations to the Mark Emmert’s commission on college basketball (still LOLing at that). And frankly, I don’t think they are all that great.

While the league recommends that high school players be eligible for the NBA Draft straight out of high school, they want a minimum two-year commitment if players do attend college. Somehow, they completely missed the Trae Young story this year.

The others, well they’re not so bad. Letting players talk to agents and trying to fix the AAU/shoe company disaster (although asking the NCAA to manage it is WILD) are not bad ideas.

P.S. We’ll have another Open Thread later for the Sweet 16 games tonight.

And now, the “news.”

Big East -- Replace 1-and-done with 2-or-none | ESPN
The Big East has recommended replacing one-and-done with a two-or-none policy in college basketball, along with NCAA regulation of agents and the creation of an elite player unit to focus on "players with realistic aspirations of playing in the NBA."

Donte DiVincenzo doing whatever it takes to help Villanova in the NCAA tournament |
During the week leading up to its 2016 national semifinal game against Oklahoma at the Final Four, Villanova appeared to have a problem. The Wildcats weren't having much success at practice guarding the guy who was playing the role of Sooners all-America guard Buddy Hield on their scout team.

NCAA Tournament: CBS's Ian Eagle talks Villanova, going viral after interview with his son - Philly
"I always thought Villanova was consistent throughout the year in that you knew they were going to be there when the smoke cleared."

Villanova’s Team Bus Gets Stuck In Snow While Leaving For Airport | CBS Philly
The snow put on a full-court press on Villanova’s basketball team on Wednesday afternoon.

Business as usual for Villanova in Sweet 16, after weekend of upsets - Philly
The East bracket wasn't marred with the first-weekend surprises that shook the other regions. So the top-seeded Wildcats get a tough regional-semifinal draw in No. 5 West Virginia.

Top 16 Players of the Sweet 16 | NBC Sports
Here are the top sixteen players from the teams left in the NCAA Tournament.

Pedestrian bridge over Lancaster Avenue opens at Villanova University |
The new pedestrian bridge - complete with several large crosses – over Lancaster Avenue at Villanova University opened on Tuesday and students began to use it immediately.