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Louisville stealing Chris Mack shows revenue gap Big East is fighting

The revenue gap is real.

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Happy Thursday, ‘Nova Nation! Interesting piece by Mid-Major Madness and noted UConn-lover Russ Steinberg. He makes a fair point that the Big East will continue to experience the heavy hand that writes the checks in the Power 5, simply because they can’t hope to generate as much revenue.

I’d also argue that this is a stupid example to use, because Louisville is one of those jobs in the sport. They can both pay, and they are a destination job. And Chris Mack (‘s wife) has family in the area. Lot of things were right in this case.

But the larger point, remains true. All else being equal, the Big East can’t compete with the Power 5’s money. And that will be a problem that will continue to persist.

And now, the “news.”

Chris Mack’s move to Louisville shows Big East is still a little brother |
The Big East is among the best on the court, but simply can’t compete with the Power 5 off of it.

Villanova can now call themselves elite in the college basketball ranks | FOX Sports
The Final Four had been set for decades: Duke, North Carolina, Kansas and Kentucky were crowned as college basketball's royalty.

Villanova coach Jay Wright's path should look familiar to Loyola's Porter Moser | Chicago Tribune
Villanova coach Jay Wright and Loyola coach Porter Moser don't know each other well but they share many similarities, from strong mentors to coaching at Catholic universities near their hometowns. Now, they're both Final Four coaches.

Archbishop Wood grad Collin Gillespie can join select group with 2 Villanova wins | The Intelligencer
Freshman Villanova guard has opportunity to win NCAA title one year after capturing a high school state championship.

Final Four with Villanova, Loyola highlights Catholic love of basketball | USA TODAY
With Catholic schools Villanova and Loyola in the Final Four, the relationship between religious schools and basketball is brought to light.

Villanova's Mikal Bridges, La Salle hero Tyrone Garland share a bond beyond March Madness | Mike Jensen |
Each proudly says of the other, "That's my cousin." Bridges remembers watching Garland hit the "Southwest Philly Floater" in 2013. Now Garland roots for Bridges.

Kansas projects as No. 1-ranked team in 2019 by Ken Pomeroy | AJC
Yeah and Villanova isn't going anywhere.

Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer will give $420.69 a day to charities for his ’69 Days of Giving’ | For The Win
On the 69th and final day of giving, he will give away $69,420.69.