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The Big East Tournament is a new season for Villanova

The past is the past. Now it is banner-hanging time.

And now, the “news.”

Villanova starts Big East tournament hoping its progress continues |
The Wildcats went 18 games and a number of practices without having a full team because of injuries. Have they developed enough chemistry and consistency for the post-season?

Another Garden party for Villanova, Big East |
The Big East tournament is being held in Madison Square Garden for the 36th consecutive year.

Big East commish Val Ackerman sits down for Q&A with Daily News | NY Daily News
Val Ackerman kicks off the league’s annual basketball tournament with a matchup between Chris Mullin’s Red Storm and Patrick Ewing’s Hoyas.

Villanova's Jalen Brunson is Sporting News' college basketball Player of the Year | Sporting News
“My assistants are saying, because the game was kind of over, ‘Get Jalen some points.’ So we ran two plays for him. He could have added four points to his total, going for player of the year, and he is wide open and still passed it. He got his teammates buckets.”

At Villanova and other Big East teams, why are there no one-and-dones? | The Morning Call
At Villanova and other Big East teams, the one and done player must fit into the culture, not the other way around.

The Ridiculousness Of Conference Tournament Locations, In 6 Maps | FiveThirtyEight
To someone who doesn’t follow men’s college hoops, a cursory glance at the location of the conference tournaments might suggest that New York City is the…