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Ashley Howard isn’t wasting any time at La Salle

The former Villanova coach is already receiving praise and positive rumors

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Happy Thursday Nova Nation! It isn’t often that we start things off with news for another school (a “rival” none the less!) but Ashley Howard is already making waves at La Salle. Not only is he bringing the school praise as a great hire, but he’s rumored to possibly be making a big splash in the transfer market.

Quade Green, a former Villanova target and last year’s starting point guard for the Kentucky Wildcats, is rumored to be considering a transfer back to Philadelphia to play for Coach Howard at La Salle. Green didn’t have the best season at Kentucky (9.3 points and 2.7 assists), so he’s not really a candidate for “one and done”. But Kentucky doesn’t stop recruiting 5-star players, and Immanuel Quickley is already signed to come in and take over the starting point guard role. If Green wants to continue starting, he’ll need to transfer.

Howard was a big reason why Villanova was in the running for Green the first time around, and now he could provide an opportunity for the now sophomore guard to start fresh on a team that would likely be built around him. It’s not very often someone ranked as high as he was takes a step down to the mid-major level as opposed to moving to another high-major program. That said schools like Nevada, who made the Elite 8 this past NCAA tournament, are showing that they can keep those players relevant and competitive for the next level.

This would be huge for Howard, and I know Nova Nation would love to see him have a highly successful first season in his new position. But you know, not TOO successful.

In other “news”, Eric Dixon is still awesome, Seth Lundy has the eye of the Wildcats, and Kyle Lowry is simply the greatest. Enjoy!

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