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This is the Eric Paschall we all raved about when he committed

Remember that poster he put some A-10 guy on? Yeah, that guy has arrived.

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Happy National Championship Day, ‘Nova Nation! I’m just going to have to keep shouting out Eric Paschall as the media coverage finally ramps up on him. Scoring 24 points in the Final Four certainly helps, but I’d argue he’s been playing at a high-level for a while and just doing the non-sexy work.

Glad to see him getting his due, and I think we could have a pretty vicious Top-3 next year pairing him with Omari Spellman and Donte DiVincenzo.

And now, the “news.”

Why Villanova's terrifying offense is so hard to slow down | ESPN
Jay Wright gives his players a green light to shoot, and the result has been a relentless attack known for long runs of 3-pointers that turn close games into routs. The emergence of freshman big man Omari Spellman gives the Wildcats yet another weapon.

Eric Paschall shows he’s heart of Villanova’s offense | New York Post
When Villanova was pursuing Eric Paschall, he didn’t ask about any individual expectations.

Villanova's Spellman relishing his first-ever NCAA Tournament | City of Basketball Love
Eugene pulled double-duty over at CoBL with a nice feature on the emergence of O-Boogie.

Villanova aided by the ghost of Rollie Massimino ahead of NCAA championship | Marcus Hayes - Philly
Is Saint Rollie blessing the Final Four? Hardly. But there's certainly something otherworldly about this Villanova team.

For Villanova's Jay Wright, being comfortable at another Final Four not that easy - Philly
The Villanova coach says the challenge is striking a balance in fulfilling his NCAA tournament commitments and having enough time to prepare the Wildcats for Monday night's NCAA championship game against Michigan.

11 things to watch for in Monday's Villanova vs. Michigan national championship game |
Here are 11 things that might happen Monday in the 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship.

Harder to shoot in a giant dome? Michigan's players -- and data -- say no |
A few terrible shooting performances led many to speculate that the dome set-up was a major factor. But according to research from Greg Guglielmo, that's a myth.

Final Four 2018: Why Villanova is college basketball’s Houston Rockets |
Like Houston, the Wildcats are bending basketball norms.

San Diego Padres: Matt Szczur Provides Value and Depth
The San Diego Padres are fortunate to have Matt Szczur. Whether its pinch-running, pinch-hitting or guarding the outfield, Szczur can do it all. Andy Green was spot-on in identifying Szczur’s worth and rewarding him with a roster slot to start the 2018 season.

Without a single one-and-done, Villanova is still influenced by the NBA |
Villanova is crushing opponents with quick-hitting offense and 3-point shooting -- staples of NBA teams

Sharing and shooting, Villanova and Michigan bring similar offensive styles into title game | The Athletic
Villanova guard Jalen Brunson says he’s seen this Michigan team before. He’s very familiar with the way the Wolverines like to use four...

NCAA Should Reinstate Vacated Teams to the Record Books |
As Michigan meets Villanova for the national title, the NCAA should rationally correct its incomplete history and restore all vacated wins.

3s please: Villanova sets F4 record in 95-79 win over Kansas | AP
To sum things up, Villanova was feelin' it Saturday night. Like every night that ends in "Y'' for the Wildcats.

Which college athletic programs really matter |
"Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, UConn and Villanova totaled 51 Final Four points, with just 1, a Kansas Orange Bowl win in 2007, accomplished on the gridiron." I'm not sure what the value was in this exercise, but I wouldn't be surprised that Villanova hasn't won a BCS/Playoff Bowl Game for some reason...

Villanova’s 2016 and 2018 NCAA tournament runs are eerily similar |
Seriously, it’s borderline creepy.