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DiVincenzo joins Spellman in the NBA Draft, but both could return

And then there were two...


Happy Friday Nova Nation! Well we knew it was just a matter of time, but we now know that Donte DiVincenzo and Omari Spellman will officially test the waters of the NBA Draft. Eric Paschall will return to finish out his collegiate career, so the Wildcats will return two of their “starting six”.

Villanova fans will likely have to play the waiting game between now and May 30th, the NCAA’s deadline for underclassman to withdraw from the draft and maintain eligibility. Between then and now, DiVincenzo and Spellman will likely both get invites to the NBA Combine and have workouts with at least a few NBA teams. Right now, the general consensus seems to be that the Big Ragu would somewhere from the late first to the mid second rounds, while Spellman could go in the mid to late second round.

The “problem” is that the NBA has a surplus of current and incoming talent. While they do have the money and resources to develop players like DiVincenzo and Spellman, it’s just not cost efficient unless they think these players can become elite players at the NBA level. They’d prefer to let these guys stay in college, play overseas on someone elses dime, or navigate the G-League while they either develop or fall short. Sure they’d take a flyer on them in the second round, because then they’d be on ungarunteed contracts and could end up being steals that would get drafted in the first round the following year.

Then again, a team could fall in love with one or both of them the way Villanova fans have. Omari Spellman will probably grade exceptionally well with his shooting and physical skills in the Combine drills, while DiVincenzo could be a standout in the scrimmages the way he was in the National Championship. I don’t think either of these guys are lottery picks this season, but either could slide into the end of the first round. Josh Hart has proven that’s not a bad place to take a Villanovan with Championship pedigree.

In my opinion, both DiVincenzo and Spellman would benefit from another year in college. It’s likely that most of the teams they talk to will tell them as much, given that both still have holes in their games that could be exposed at the next level. Still, there’s over a month to show that people like me have no idea what we’re talking about and that these two are ready for the NBA. My money is still on the two of them returning for a title defense, but if they don’t its a set back that could keep Villanova from another post-season run.

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